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Simon S
Simon S
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Online guitar course pro is a great resource for beginners who want to learn the basics of guitar playing. The lessons are well-organized and easy to follow, and the instructor is clear and concise. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is interested in learning guitar.
Ravi S
Ravi S
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This course is great for beginners. Ive never played before and was concerned to learn via an online course. Im glad I now took the course, its given me a good foundation and understanding of the instrument. Thanks !
Vitty S
Vitty S
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I'm a complete beginner when it comes to guitar, but I've been able to follow the lessons in the course without any trouble. The instructor explains everything clearly, and the interactive exercises help me to practice what I've learned. I'm really happy with this course so far.
Jimmy K
Jimmy K
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I've been playing guitar for a few years now, but I've always wanted to improve my technique. The course has helped me to do just that. The lessons are very detailed, and the instructor gives me a lot of helpful feedback. I'm definitely seeing improvement in my playing.
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I'm a busy professional, so I don't have a lot of time to take traditional guitar lessons. Online guitar course pro is the perfect solution for me. I can learn at my own pace, and I can fit the lessons into my busy schedule. I'm really happy with this course.
David M
David M
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The instructor is very patient and encouraging. He always makes me feel like I can do it, even when I'm struggling.


How would you like to play with a clear and easy step by step method?
To have a clear understanding of the guitar fretboard, understanding the notes and how the musical language works?
Well that’s exactly what I teach you to do inside the course.
I’m giving you a 64% discount on my guitar program ‘Guitar Made Easy’, with instant, lifetime access. This program will give you the tools needed to move forward with confidence, knowing that you are being taught at a world class level.
Start playing songs and understand the fundamentals of the music.
Learning the guitar can be confusing, so check out the video above to learn more about the program and click the button to join with this special discount.
  • Start understanding your guitar fretboard
  • ​Follow Step-by-Step memorization exercises (for beginner & intermediate players)
  • ​Learn shortcuts to find notes quicker
  • ​Become more confident with music theory
  • Learn my 6 Fretboard Secrets
  • ​Gain confidence & enjoyment in your guitar playing



Hey there, my name is Khan Manuel. With gratitude, I’ve had the privilege to collaborate, perform, and record alongside some of the world’s best guitarists and musicians.

Over the years, I’ve released three studio albums, along with EPs and singles. My passion extends beyond the stage—I’ve imparted knowledge to thousands of students through seminars, private lessons, and online platforms.

Throughout my career, I’ve been endorsed by prestigious brands Ibanez, Mesa Boogie, Ernie Ball, and others.

One of my greatest joys is sharing my knowledge. Inside the courses, I’ve distilled decades of experience into practical wisdom. From scales, chords, and modes to insightful techniques for application, including navigating changes seamlessly. The courses are designed to empower aspiring guitarists at every level.

I trust that you’ll find value in the courses, and that they’ll inspire new heights in your musical journey.

''Now I can incorporate the guitar with my other musical abilities, I've always wanted to be able to do fingerstyle and sing at the same time! ''
-Rafaela Antigua

''I never thought that I'd be able to play from learning so late in life. I wanted to learn when I was younger but never had the time. But now I have and I am able to do it! ''
-Ha Dinh

''Without the lessons I wouldn't have a guitar in my lap at the moment. I recommend anyone that's thinking about picking up the guitar to have lessons with Khan ! ''
-Paul Hicks

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Online Guitar Course Pro

Through step-by-step lessons & videos. You'll learn to become a Fretboard Pro

Lesson 1: String names and tuning

Lesson 1 Understanding the guitar from the ground floor. Learning how tuning works and the easiest way to get started.

Lesson 2: Music Notation and tablature

Lesson 2 Introduction to music notation, TAB and how it works. Notes, Timing and more

Lesson 3: Exercise 1

Lesson 3 Exercises to strengthen your hand and fingers so that you can play chords and melodies with ease.

Lesson 4: Exercises continued

Lesson 4 An extention into more complex exercises to further develop your technique to be able to play the guitar with confidence.

Lesson 5: Music theory, basic principals and note values

Lesson 5 Introduction into theory and basic the pricipals in learning music and the guitar. An overview on how we apply theory to the guitar.

Lesson 6: Sight reading intro

Lesson 6 Reading music and applying it to the guitar. Using methods of different rhythmic values and duration to develop rhythm and timing.

Lesson 7: Song-Knockin on heavens door

Lesson 7 Our first song ‘Knockin On Heavens Door’. A classic to get started with strumming and staying in time. Changing through chords seemlessly to help work towards playing songs that you love.

Lesson 8: Song-Etude in Eminor

Lesson 8 Classical song ‘Etude in Eminor’ to get the right hand technique working to be able to pick fingerstyle with confidence.

Lesson 9: Scales exercise

Lesson 9 Scales exercises. Working the left and right hands together to have coherence between the two.

Lesson 10: Barre chords

Lesson 10 Barre chords introduction. Know how to play these chords and you can play just about any song that has ever been written. Techniques and methods to execute chords one one to another.

Lesson 11: Practice routines

Lesson 11 Practice routines and methods to take you to the next level. Know how and what to practice to save time and energy to move forward.

Lesson 12: Song-Smoke on the water

Lesson 12 Rock riff ‘Smoke on the water’. Probably the most iconic riff ever written on the guitar. Learn rhythm and more from learning these timesless songs so they give you the tools to apply it to the songs you want to learn.

Lesson 13: Song-Hey Jude

Lesson 13 Open chords song and classic from the Beatles ‘Hey Jude’. Learn this timeless song in Open chord position to practice seamless changes and rhythm.

Lesson 14: 12 bar blues

Lesson 14 12 bar blues. The benchmark of playing the blues. We use this to practice a shuffle and counting the changes. This then gives the tools needed to progress forward.

Lesson 15: Song-Wonderwall

Lesson 12 The hit song by Oasis ‘Wonderwall’. A great song to help work on rhythm and changing through more complex chords and extentions.


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Lifetime Access to The Program ($497 Value)

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Lifetime Access to The Program ($497 Value)

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Online Guitar Course Pro

One payment (no subscription). Instant access sent right to your email inbox. Yours forever.


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Rafaela Antigua

Location: Canada

Ha Dinh

Location: Australia

Paul Hicks

Location: Ireland


If you’ve made it this far and are not ready to buy, I can understand. So let me leave you something to think about.
You have two options really.
You can stay where you’re at. Stuck in guitar ruts aimlessly searching through YouTube content. Getting frustrated with the instruction and your progress.
Or you can join us inside and start your journey of becoming a Fretboard Pro.
If you choose to join us, here’s what you can expect.
Better Music Theory Understanding – Understanding the fretboard takes a bit of music theory knowledge, which you’ll get inside the program. So b going through the program, you’ll also get a better theory understanding.
Increased Enjoyment – Learning guitar the wrong way can be frustrating, but you’ll find yourself having fun with our method of teaching and enjoying the guitar like never before.
You’ll understand how the fretboard works, and won’t get confused when you’re finding notes.
And you’ll be on your way to becoming a Fretboard Pro.
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Yes, questions asked on lectures in the course will be answered by Khan directly.

The courses are designed to give the beginner, intermediate and advanced student the tools to move forward on their own guitar journey. Each course has been carefully worked on to include fundamental and useful tools to move forward. It focuses on an overall approach so that the student can be better equipped to understand learning the guitar.

Once you have paid for the course you have lifetime access.

Yes we do! We have a 30-Day money back guarantee at Online Guitar Course Pro. If you don’t like it, or feel like you’re not progressing just send us a quick email at management@khanmanuel.com and we’ll quickly refund you.

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