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About me

Khan Manuel is a Sydney (Australia) Based guitarist who produces instrumental guitar music that merges Rock, fusing elements of metal, Jazz fusion, Classical, and Blues. His passion for music started during his teenage years learning the guitar at the early age of 9. Learning initially from his father but predominantly self-taught, and also learned from high school teachers. Playing in various cover bands early on helped increase his musicianship.

At 17 Khan entered and won an open Joe Satriani guitar competition held by Ibanez Australia winning a Satriani signature guitar in the process. He also attended the SIT music programme before moving to Australia in 2000. Receiving lessons from some of Australia’s best guitarists/musicians, he then began performing in Wedding bands, cover / origonal bands, and duos, thereafter he started working on his first solo album ‘The Knight’.

This paved the way for endorsements with Iconic guitar brand Ibanez, Mesa Boogie Amps, Ernie Ball strings and others. Khans playing was heard by some of the world’s best guitarists including Frank Gambale, Nuno Betencourt, Eric Johnson, Jason Becker and others. After playing on stage with Nuno, Khan also collaborated with Gambale on a song called ‘When 2 become one’ which were both a dream come true. Khan’s rendition of Eric Johnsons Cliffs of Dover’ was shared on Eric’s Facebook page to over 100,000 people.

The Knight was also sold on the Guitar Nine website which was home to over 1500 guitarists from all over the world, during this time Khan was fortunate to be ranked #1 for 6 weeks. Khan also featured in many dominant international guitar magazines and webzines including Australia’s own Guitar Magazine’. Almost all write-ups acknowledged his unique talent and attributed his music as in the same league as Satriani and Vai.

In 2010 Khan was nominated and won an award for the Southernmost part of New Zealand as Music Ambassador of the year. Additionally, in 2010 Khan released a live album which was recorded at Australia’s iconic live venue – The Basement. A version of Khans ‘Little Wing’ by Jimmy Hendrix was heard by the Jimmy Hendrix museum and was included there. In 2013 Khan released his second solo project ‘The Message’ which received critical acclaim worldwide, many stating they couldn’t rate a song below a 4 out of 5. In 2015 Khan did an Australian tour with a full band playing songs from both albums.

Khan has also penned a Guitar Instructional book ‘Guitar Insights ‘which was reviewed by Dr. Matt Warnock of Guitar International stating ‘It’s a treatise which would take a lifetime to master’. In his spare time, Khan enjoys reading, running, sports and studying financial markets/graphs. Khan also supports a variety of Charities including UNICEF and was recently included as a celebrity runner at the City to surf to raise money. Khan also owns Sydney Harbour Music Tuition which offers tuition on a variety of Instruments.

Khan endorses, Ibanez Guitars, Mesa Boogie Amps, and Ernie Ball Strings.